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General Organization of the Scientific Themes

Detailed description of the SFB-program according to scientific themes and subprojects:

The structure and organisation of the SFB-574 depends on the research subjects and how these can best achieve the overall objectives. Therefore, the program consists of three overarching themes which address the structure of both the incoming plate and the overriding plate and quantify their volatile reservoirs (Theme A), quantify fluid flow and determine pathways through the fore-arc region, whereby diagenetic and biogenic reactions selectively sequester, mobilize or otherwise transform the content of volatile reservoirs (Theme B), and establish the migration of fluids from the deep subducting slab through the arc into the atmosphere, whereby type and style of the subducting plate are considered as well as their control on quantity, make-up and mechanism of return transport (Theme C). Under each theme the subprojects A1, A2, A5, and B3, B5, B6 and C1, C2, C4, C5 are assembled and arranged with very close connections among each other but also with well-defined deliverables essential for other subprojects under each theme. A5 introduces the topics of hydration of the downgoing slab (serpentinization) and the development of a synoptic digital model of the Central American and Southern Chilean subduction zones. Work which was part of the former subproject A3 was transferred into subproject B5. Similarly, the authigenic carbonate studies, which were one of several aspects of former B4, are now the main topic of subproject B6. The entire SFB-operation is managed through the central subproject (Z), providing and organizing logistics for the sea-going and land-based expeditions. 

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Kieler Wissenschaftler fühlen den 'Puls der Erde'

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Buch zum Sonderforschungsbereich über Naturkatastrophen am GEOMAR vorgestellt

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Nach elf Jahren endet der Kieler Sonderforschungsbereich 574 zu Subduktionszonen

Final colloquium of SFB 574

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The Lübeck Retreat, May 23-25, 2012

Teilprojekt Öffentlichkeitsarbeit