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Sonne 163 (Subduction I), 13.03. - 20.05.2002

Volatiles and fluids play a major role in the global geological material budget. At subduction zones, material from the oceanic plate (the oceanic crust and its overlying sediments) is brought to...


Chief Scientist:

SO163-1: Dr. Reimer Wilhelm Weinrebe

SO163-2: Prof. Dr. Ernst R. Flüh

SO163-1, 1. weekly report, March 13 to 18, 2002

Cruise SO 163 "Subduction" started on March 13, 2002, in Balboa, Panama. 13 scientists embarked on RV SONNE in Balboa, whereas 3 participants of cruise SO 162 stayed onboard and completed...

SO163-1, 2. weekly report, March 18 to 25, 2002

During the second week of the cruise we carried out mapping with the TOBI system of our colleagues from Southampton. TOBI, the deep-towed ocean bottom instrument, carries a 30 kHz side-scan sonar, a...

SO163-1, 3. weekly report, March 25 to April 1, 2002

The third week of the cruise began with a deployment of the DTS-1 deep-towed side-scan sonar system. This system operates with higher frequencies (75 kHz, 410 kHz) than TOBI (30 kHz), and is...

SO163-1, 4. weekly report, April 01 to 08, 2002

Investigations in the 4th week were concentrated offshore Central Costa Rica in the area of the upper plate opposite the seamount province of the oceanic plate. The margin here is sculptured by the...

SO163-1, 5. weekly report, April 08 to 14, 2002

The fifth week of the cruise SO163-1 was nearly entirely devoted to surveying with the TOBI system of our colleagues from Southampton. As launch and recovery operations of such deep-towed systems...

SO163-1, 6th and last weekly report, April 15 to 20, 2002

In the morning of 19 April at 09:15 h FS SONNE moored at pier 3 in port of Caldera, Costa Rica. Thus, the first part of cruise SO-163 ended after 37 days at sea. Finally, there were some highlights...

SO163-2, 1. Weekly report 28.04.02

at Sea at 8°30´N/85°10´W From 19th to 22nd April, the change-over from leg 1 to leg 2 of cruise SO163 was taking place in Caldera, Costa Rica. The agenda was extensive during...

SO163-2, 2. Weekly report 05.05.02

at Sea at 8°50´N/84°20´W In the previous week we achieved high data productivity - as is typical of cruises once the starting phase is over and routine work has begun. Apart from...

SO163-2, 3. Weekly report 12.05.02

at Sea at 9°50´N/86°20´W In the previous week we completed investigations in both southern operating areas. We shot a profile net of 4 lines across the mega lens and 3 profiles...

SO163-2, 4. and last Weekly report 20.05.02.

Balboa On 20 May, at 11:00 h, SONNE cruise SO163 ended in Balboa. We got through an intensive work schedule in the previous week. 20 OBH/S were deployed along each of two long profiles and were shot...

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