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Study Area

Our field work focused on the area between Central Costa Rica in the south to Guatemala in the north. In phase one and two we studied 22 major volcanic centres along the CAVA which are Santa Maria volcano, Atitlán-, Amatitlán-, and Ayarza Caldera in Guatemala, Coatepeque- and Ilopango Caldera, San Vicente and San Salvador volcano, and Berlin volcanic complex in El Salvador, Cosiqüina volcano, Malpaisillo-, Masaya-, Las Sierras-, Apoyo Caldera, Chiltepe and Ometepe volcanic complex and Nejapa-Miraflores Lineament in Nicaragua as well as Rincon de la Vieja, Arenal, Barva, Poas, Laguna de Haule volcanoes in Costa Rica.

Fig. 2: Shaded and colored SRTM elevation model of Central America (NASA/JPL/NGA, 2000) and high-resolution bathymetry along the Middle America Trench (MAT) from Ranero et al. [2005] including the working area and also the offshore sample locations. The line of Central American arc volcanoes runs through the two large lakes and parallel to the trench at about 200 km distance. Names of numbered volcanoes listed at lower left. Dots show core positions of RV METEOR cruises M66/3a+b, M54/2 and RV SONNE cruise SO173/3 along and across the trench.

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Kieler Wissenschaftler fühlen den 'Puls der Erde'

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Buch zum Sonderforschungsbereich über Naturkatastrophen am GEOMAR vorgestellt

Wie funktioniert die Recyclingmaschine der Erde?

Nach elf Jahren endet der Kieler Sonderforschungsbereich 574 zu Subduktionszonen

Final colloquium of SFB 574

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The Lübeck Retreat, May 23-25, 2012

Teilprojekt Öffentlichkeitsarbeit