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Abstract of Cruise Sonne 173-1 "Subduction II" 9.7. - 6.8.2003

Cruise SO173 was planned to conduct work along the Central American Continental Margin, to investigate particle input, mobilization and reflux of volatiles through the subduction zone. The work was...

Participants of Cruise 173-1

Chief Scientist:

SO173-1: Prof. Dr. Ernst R. Flüh

SO173-1, 1st weekly report, July 13, 2003

Cruise SO173-1, with RV SONNE at the Pacific coast offshore Costa Rica and Nicaragua, has set out to perform work necessary for reaching the goals of SFB 574 at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität...

SO173-1, 2nd weekly report, July 20, 2003

During the 2nd week at sea we first surveyed a depth seismics refraction profile seawards of the trench, where there are deep faults in the oceanic plate. 12 ocean bottom stations that had registered...

SO173-1, 3rd weekly report, July 27, 2003

The last week was finally a successful one for us - we can report that all systems operated as intended without any problems. Thanks to the efficiency of many people aboard, we could persuade our DTS...

SO173-1, 4th weekly report, August 3, 2003

Last week we had to interrupt our research work to make a stopover in port of Caldera, Costa Rica. This stop became necessary as we had to arrange for the transport of a container with ocean bottom...

Events Events

Kieler Wissenschaftler fühlen den 'Puls der Erde'

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Buch zum Sonderforschungsbereich über Naturkatastrophen am GEOMAR vorgestellt

Wie funktioniert die Recyclingmaschine der Erde?

Nach elf Jahren endet der Kieler Sonderforschungsbereich 574 zu Subduktionszonen

Final colloquium of SFB 574

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The Lübeck Retreat, May 23-25, 2012

Teilprojekt Öffentlichkeitsarbeit